The National Government Employee Pensions Board (Statens Tjänstepensionsverk, shortened to SPV) is led by a board that is appointed by the Swedish Government. SPV's Director-General, Maria Humla, is part of the board and lead the continuous work at the government agency according to the board’s directives and guidelines.

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Maria Humla, Director-General of the National Government Employee Pensions Board.

The board

The board has an overarching responsibility over the business of SPV. It is the board that decides over SPV general direction and budget.

See members of the board

SPV's members of the board:

Chairwoman of the board

  • Lena Erixon, former Director-General at Trafikverket


  • Anna Falck, Cheif Negotiator , Arbetsgivarverket
  • Birgitta Hjelmberg, Actuary, Finansinspektionen
  • Maria Humla, Director-General, SPV
  • Peder Sjölander, Chief Information Officer, Skatteverket
  • Per Johansson, Head Officer, Revisorsinspektionen
  • Thomas Eisensee, Head of Science, Konjunkturinstitutet

Board Secretary

  • Katarina Nordensson, SPV

Union Representatives

  • Peder Bergsten, SPV, (SACO-s)
  • Daniel Granath, SPV, (ST/SPV)

Our organisation

Organisational chart. Visualisation of the text below.

SPV is organised in 8 units consisting of 2–4 teams each. All co-workers belong to a team.

At SPV there is 19 delivery areas with a delivery manager for each area. The delivery area encompasses development and management of SPVs different businesses, what we describe as deliveries. Examples of delivery areas is:

  • Delivery area Pay-out
  • Delivery area Meet customer and stakeholders
  • Delivery area Technical infrastructure

The work with different deliverances is done in the teams and cross-functional workgroups.

Beyond this structure there are responsible manager for certain areas, for example Security Manager, Chief Financial Officer, HR Director and General Counsel.

We also have an internal auditor which audits areas decided by the board.

Our managers at SPV (in Swedish)

SPV’s organisational number

SPV’s organisational number is 202100-0928.

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