Our operations

Our responsibility at The National Government Employee Pensions Board (Statens Tjänstepensionsverk, shortened to SPV) is to handle, calculate and pay out occupational pension and other collective agreement benefits for employees within the Swedish state and former state agencies that has been privatised. We have about one million customers – current state employees, former state employees and pensioners.

SPV is located in Sundsvall and we are about 250 colleagues working here. The government agency was created 1963 and reports to the Ministry of Finance.

The Occupational Pension – A safety for you that is a state employee or have been a state employee

The occupational pension is money that your employer pays into your pension. It is an important of the total pension. We at SPV wish to give you easy and non-biased information regarding the parts in your occupational pension and what affects the size, so that you can make conscious choices during your working life.

When you reach retirement age we will guide you and show the possibilities that there is in occupational pension from government employment. All to make sure a smooth transition from working life to being a pensioner. And for you that has already retired we make sure to pay-out your money in time, at the right time, and we are of course here for your questions.

Our goals

We at SPV have two over-reaching goals that we focus on in our daily work and developing forwards:

  • We have satisfied and secure customers.
  • We are efficient and sustainable.

Our main tasks

The following are some our main tasks:

  • Answer questions from pensioners, state employees and state employers.
  • Calculate and pay-out occupational pension.
  • Calculate debt and premiums for employers.
  • Inform, educate and arrange seminars.
  • Give advising support in different occupational pension questions.
  • Handle administration of the occupational pension for government agencies and businesses that have occupational pension according to collective agreements for state employees.
  • Deliver forecasts and statistics to the Swedish Government.

Instruction and Letter of Allocation

In SPV instruction the formal mission and responsibilities. The instruction is formally decided on by the Swedish Parliament is until further notice.

Instructions for the National Government Employee Pensions Board, at the Swedish Parliaments website (in Swedish)

Before each business year SPV receives a letter of allocation from the Swedish Government. It governs our operations for the coming year.

The National Government Employee Pensions Boards letter of allocation for 2024, at ESV:s website (in Swedish)

Annual report

Each year SPV delivers an annual report to the Swedish government to report back on the business during the last year.

Annual report for the National Government Employee Pensions Board for 2023 (in Swedish, pdf, new window)

SPV in numbers

During 2023

  • we managed pensions and insurances for 900 000 persons
  • we made a little over 36 000 decisions regarding pensions and other benefits
  • we paid out 17,7 billion SEK in 4,3 million different pay-outs
  • we registered employment information for 1,1 million persons.

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