When you pass away

When you are retired and receive pension payments, your family could receive money when you pass away. There is different regulations, depending on your pension, for how your family could receive money.

Survivors pension for your family

When you pass away your family could receive money. This is called survivors pension. We automatically send out information to the estate on how to apply for survivors pension or family pension. In most cases the survivors pension is paid out until you would have turned 75 years of age.

If you wish to know more information regarding your own survivors pension please contact our customer service. 

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Family pension - if you are covered by the collective agreement PA-SPR


If you have pension from the collective agreement PA-SPR, you family could be entitled to a family pension. The family pension is paid out to spouse or registered partner. The payment is a monthly life-long payment, but if the person remarries the family pension will cease. Even children have the right to family pension until they turn 19 years. 

Repayment cover that you could have on other parts of your pension

You could have repayment cover on other parts of your occupational pension the selectable part, Kåpan Tjänste and Kåpan Extra. If you've chosen repayment cover your family will receive money if you pass away.
To know how long the payment will be last the company that administers your pension insurance. The amount of survivors pension from this part is dependent on the amount of money in the insurance when you pass away.
If you wish to know if you have repayment cover you need to contact the insurer. Often the insurer will not given information other then to the person insured.  

More information about repayment cover

 Change you repayment cover

 When you've received the first payment of pension there are different regulations regarding if you can change your repayment cover or not. Contact the insurer of your pension for more information. 

Application of survivors pension 

When you pass away the insurer usually sends out forms to your family or the estate to apply for survivors pension. 

Who would receive money?

The money from the insurance with repayment cover will be paid out in first hand to spouse, registered partner or cohabitant and in second hand to your children. You can change who receives the money. This is called specific beneficiary clause. 

Contact the insurer that manges your money if you wish to write a specific beneficiary clause. 

Repayment cover for your pension with Kåpan Pensioner 

For the parts Kåpan Tjänste and Kåpan Extra it's always managed by Kåpan Pensioner. For more information see Kåpan Pensioners website in English. 

Kåpan Pensioners website

Your survivors can apply for financial aid if they live under severe financial hardship

If your survivors are under severe financial harship they can apply for financial aid from one of the three trust s that SPV administers. If you want more information please contact our customer service.

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