New employment

New employment

When entering into government employment, your employer will begin paying in money to your occupational pension. As a new employee, there are also a few questions you need to think about.

This is your occupational pension

The year you were born affects how your occupational pension works.

Choose how one part is managed

As a new employee, information on the selectable part will be sent to your home. You will choose how it is to be managed by selecting the form of savings, the insurer, and whether it will be with or without repayment cover. If you do not make your own choice, the money is placed into a traditional insurance scheme without repayment cover with Kåpan Tjänstepension. If you later wish to change your selection of insurance company or to move capital, you may do so.

You will receive information from Kåpan Government Employees Pension Fund

As a new employee, you will receive insurance documents in the form of an insurance contract and terms and conditions of the insurance, sent to your home from Kåpan Government Employees Pension Fund.

Think about whether or not you need repayment cover

Repayment cover means that your family will receive your pension in the event of your death. The money is most often paid out over five years. How much money your family receives depends on the amount you have earned in.

You should start from your family's situation when assessing whether you need repayment cover. Repayment cover can provide a certain amount of financial security for your family while your pension is lower. If you are single and have no children, you should select the option without repayment cover.

You can have repayment cover on the parts that are with Kåpan Tjänstepension, and on the selectable part.

If you choose another insurer than Kåpan Tjänstepension for the selectable part, you should turn to them for information on repayment cover.

Right to receive information regarding the insurances you have as a part of your occupational pension

You have the right to receive information regarding the insurances you have as a part of your occupational pension. See below for examples of information: 

  • Information regarding cost and fees connected to the insurance
  • Which government authority is the regulatory agency
  • Which possibilities you have to present complaints regarding the insurance company.

For more information please contact the insurance company of your choice.

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