New family situation

There are some thing you might need to consider when your family changes. Your choices can impact you and your family's future.

If you recently have had a child, become cohabitant, gotten married or separated it could be wise to look at the different parts of your occupational pension. Occupational pension is not part of partition of joint property. 

Repayment cover?

Repayment cover means that your family will receive the money in your  pension insurances if you pass away. 

How much will be paid out depends on the money that has been paid in to the insurance. When determining if repayment cover is needed you need to look at your own family situation. Repayment cover can give a certain financial safety for your own family, however your own pension will be somewhat lower. 

  • If you have a child, become cohabitant or gotten married you can within one year add repayment cover for all money in the selectable part and the part Kåpan Tjänste. You can always add repayment cover for future payments. The money would then be in a new own insurance. 
  • If your family situation changes, for example if you get divorced, it could be an idea to look over if you need repayment cover or not. If you have repayment cover you can look over who would receive the money if you pass away. Changing who would receive money if you pass away is done with a specific beneficiary clause that you register with your insurer. 

How to change your repayment cover

If you wish to add or remove repayment cover this needs to be changed with the insurer that manages the money. For Kåpan Tjänste it is Kåpan Government Employees Pension Fund and for the selectable part it can be different depending on the insurer that you have selected. 

You can see which insurer(s) that you have selected on your annual statement(Årsbesked).

To change repayment cover for parts with Kåpan Tjänstepension please see further information on their website

Who will receive your money if you pass away?

If you have repayment cover your spouse, registered partner or cohabitant will receive the money, if none exists your children will receive the money. If your family situation changes it could be an idea to double check in which order your family will receive the money. 

You can change who will receive the money or how they will be split between beneficiaries. This by a specific beneficiary clause with the insurer that manages the money.

In a specific beneficiary clause you can also chose former spouse, former registered partner, former cohabitant or their children or their foster children. 

Change beneficiary for your group life insurance

In your employment you have a group life insurance that means that your family can receive money if you pass away. 

It is your spouse, registered partner, cohabitant or your children that will receive the money from your group life insurance if you pass away while in state employment . You can change in which order your family would receive money. That is by a specific beneficiary clause. If you wish to have a specific beneficiary clause please contact our Customer Service. 

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